Where It All Started

AloanScripting has been a dream of mine since I started my first Python bootcamp. Whether it was learning Python, PostgreSQL, React or Liquid/GraphQL, I could never get enough. With the support of my lovely wife, I was finally able to make my dream come true and take on the challenges of being a full-time freelancer.

The aim of this website is to highlight my trials and tribulations with programming, create open discourse between new and senior developers in the Shopify-verse, and to highlight my projects while connecting with potential clients. I believe in Shopify's suite of developer tools and the power it gives their customers, so I have combined my React knowledge with my Liquid knowledge and aim to make products that utilize these efficiently and effectively.

  • Current Projects

    Here you can read about ongoing projects I am actively involved in, whether for a client or a pet project.

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  • Future Projects

    Projects that are either purely concepts or barely started. Think you can help? Check out the projects and send me a message!

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